#IranDeal – Getting the Best Think Tank Analysis

How do you get the newest and best research from think tanks? This is of particular interest when situations are evolving quickly, such as with the financial crisis in Greece, or yesterday's deal with Iran.

For these occasions, too, Find Policy can get your great results, quickly. Go to the search page focusing on leading Foreign Policy think tanks, and start your search. Two simple tricks will get you the best results.

First, add one current hotspot as a negative search term, by putting a minus-sign in front of it. So here we added -Greece, to make sure we don't just get the daily news roundup. Then, in the search results, toggle to sort by Date.


And thus you get great results. From the Wilson Center, from the Council for Foreign Relations, the Carnegie Endowment, and so on. Even with Twitter, this is probably the single fastest way you can get quality research at a glance.

To try your own search, go to the Foreign Policy search page.