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With Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, policy and politics are moving rapidly. If you want to find out what policy analysts have to say, Find Policy can help.

Take the issue of emolument. It commands attention, and you can easily check what leading policy wonks have to say on this issue – again in a single window.

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Of course, you can also look up what think tanks have to say on this (a lot), or look at think tanks commenting on any other aspect of recent developments. The more precise your search terms, the better the results.

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Gülen Movement -- Another Illustration on Using Find Policy

With the attempted coup in Turkey and subsequent accusations, attention has shifted onto the Gülen Movement. Who are they? What is their role? Find Policy puts excellent research right at your fingertips. 

Detailed search terms will return even better results, and for the newest results, toggle between relevance and date. And there you have it -- for your next article, or research paper, Find Policy quickly delivers quality results, from some of the best think tanks around the world. 

Think Tanks on Brexit and Article 50

Below, we had already highlighted how Find Policy can help you find the latest think tank analysis. This can be of particular interest in moments such as now, when think tank analysis can be useful to understand scenarios that follow on the United Kingdom's EU referendum. 

One example that illustrates this is "Article 50", which is relevant for countries exiting the EU. 


Remember to toggle for the date, to get the latest information. 

To try international foreign policy go here, and if you want UK based analysis, go to the UK page, here

What do prominent commentators say on key topics?

Sometimes you want to look up information that’s not classical think tank research (quite yet), but may still relate to public policy. Say you want a broader take on cycling in cities. Think tanks go deep, but sometimes you want people to go fast, or broad.

For this purpose, we have a search page that focuses on wonks – people that follow policy and publish regularly. Search results below.

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The outlets we cover, in random order: Washington MonthlyVox (including Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias), Andrew SullivanNew Republic, Kevin Drum/Mother JonesAtlantic MonthlyTyler CowenThe American InterestSlate, Jonathan Chait/NY MagazineBrad De LongFiveThirtyEight and the New America Foundation. The search page also covers the outlets which Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein previously wrote for. 

Accurate search terms and toggling for date can be useful, to get the best results. Note that again this is not perfect as a search tool -- but it still gets you widely cited commentators and outlets in a single search window. Want to check it out? Go here

Brexit - What Do Leading Think Tanks Say?

What do the world's leading think tanks say about Brexit? Our Foreign Policy search page allows you to check, in a single go.

As always, if you want more detailed results, refine your search terms (economy, foreign policy, trade).

But what about British think tanks? Tucked away behind More Search we can also look at UK research.

Again, toggling and narrowing down of search terms can be useful. 

So next time you want to engage in debate on Brexit, you can have the latest research at your fingertips. Want to check it out? Go right here

"End of Transition" - Finding this on Find Policy

Today a friend asked on whether post-Soviet transition was over. I thought it was, for a number of reasons. He then asked whether I had any reference, to substantiate the point. There will be plenty of scholarly references, but in addition, it's good to see what think tanks say. If the argument has been made in ways that are cogent for policy makers, this is a great point of reference.

And indeed, right there a result we can immediately use, from the Carnegie Endowment.  That's why Find Policy can be a great resource, when you are looking for quality sources on important issues. 

Any terms you are looking for? Try a search: www.findpolicy.org