Faster, More Convenient & More Comprehensive

In an earlier post we laid out the history of why we started this. Here is the reason why this should work for you. Imagine you want to find out what policies there are for reducing charter schools, or medical errors, or on what we should do about Syria. Where to start your research? Google gives you too many results. You go to the websites of research organizations -- but which ones have done work on this issue?  You try and remember, open more tabs and start more searches.

Find Policy offers you better results. Your search will be targeted to leading research organizations in the field. For you this is faster, more comprehensive and much more satisfying. Rather than opening a new tab for each search, you get all results in a single window, where they are easier to compare. 

While the engines do not cover everything, Find Policy is an excellent first starting point whenever you are trying to find the best policy ideas, because it gives you faster, more convenient and more comprehensive results.