Adding Spain to Search Pages

Thanks to Enrique Planells Artigot, we have now added Spain to the search pages. As with the other pages, you get instant access to the research of leading think tanks. Here was one quick search: 

Brexit - Spain.jpg

On some issues particular institutions may dominate, and if you want a broader representation, you may want to eliminate some institutions from the search. For this, there is a nifty trick, here.

Interested in trying the Spain search page? Go here:

Adding Sweden to Search

We have just added Sweden to our pages. Search focuses on a range of think tanks in Sweden, both those oriented locally and those focusing on international issues. The search should be useful to civil servants, reseachers, students, journalists, or any other engaged citizens. 

Want to find out what think tanks say on a particular policy? How they see Saudi-Arabia? What they say on a particular ministry? Or what they think about Gothenburg?

This, and much much more is all here:

When and how did the term "MSM" become mainstream?

On Twitter, in recent months, MSM for "mainstream media" has become a standard term. Yet when and how did that term appear, more regularly? A search under "Wonks" can give you a quick overview.

Again, if you want the most recent results, toggle between relevance and date. This is just one of many searches you can undertake. Interested in views in Russia, Turkey or Indonesia? All of that is available, too. Try a search under Wonks or More

Policy Wonks, Accessible in a Single Search

With Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, policy and politics are moving rapidly. If you want to find out what policy analysts have to say, Find Policy can help.

Take the issue of emolument. It commands attention, and you can easily check what leading policy wonks have to say on this issue – again in a single window.

emolument- search.jpg

Of course, you can also look up what think tanks have to say on this (a lot), or look at think tanks commenting on any other aspect of recent developments. The more precise your search terms, the better the results.

Do you want to search the leading wonks in US policy? Go here


Gülen Movement -- Another Illustration on Using Find Policy

With the attempted coup in Turkey and subsequent accusations, attention has shifted onto the Gülen Movement. Who are they? What is their role? Find Policy puts excellent research right at your fingertips. 

Detailed search terms will return even better results, and for the newest results, toggle between relevance and date. And there you have it -- for your next article, or research paper, Find Policy quickly delivers quality results, from some of the best think tanks around the world. 

Think Tanks on Brexit and Article 50

Below, we had already highlighted how Find Policy can help you find the latest think tank analysis. This can be of particular interest in moments such as now, when think tank analysis can be useful to understand scenarios that follow on the United Kingdom's EU referendum. 

One example that illustrates this is "Article 50", which is relevant for countries exiting the EU. 


Remember to toggle for the date, to get the latest information. 

To try international foreign policy go here, and if you want UK based analysis, go to the UK page, here