Search of Donors: Who Funds What?

Here is another practical use for Find Policy. Imagine you want to figure out what major development donors are interested in. Are they covering the issue you are working on? Who does what in that field?  What are they doing in a specific country, for example Indonesia? Go to our Donor page,  where you will find some of the world's largest development donors in a single engine, from USAID across DfID, to SIDA or AusAID. You quickly get results, and the more specific your search the better.

As usual, we are not saying that the instrument is perfect. Dutch and Finnish development sites are not included, because they are structurally integrated with their Ministries of Foreign Affairs, making them hard to search. We deliberately left out international organizations. Still, Find Policy gives you fast and focused results, and a quicker overview than you would get with most other instruments. We will keep improving the engine.

Interested? Check what the world's major development donors are doing in relation to a country or topic you are interested in by clicking here.