Georgia Search Page Now Online

If you are interested in Georgia, you may find our new search page specifically dedicated to the country useful. As always, the search page focuses on the leading research organizations in the country that regularly publish material. We have included some organizations that are not typical think tanks, such as Transparency International Georgia, since it does a lot of policy research, and the Georgian Young Lawyers Association, since GYLA also tracks many of the key developments. 

The search is as good as the websites, and faster and more focused than going through them one by one. Note that some organizations have reorganized their websites recently, making old information harder to track. Ideally, organizations should make sure that their older publications remain accessible, but that is not something we can influence.

How can you use this search page? Let's say you want to look up what organizations have written on Samegrelo. Go to the search page, and enter the query. 

Choose specific search terms for optimal results. 

As the screenshot shows, you receive a good number of interesting results. CRRC comes up a fair amount, not because we favor it, but because its blog now has more than 400 entries, making it more visible for search engines, even if the blog entries themselves are often short. 

Any suggestions to make? Head over to the search page, look for your favorite issue (or your own name), and let us know.