Carbon Tax: What Australian Think Tanks Say

If you are interested in issues around climate change, or policy in general, you may have heard of the idea of a carbon tax. The idea is to steer behavior to more sustainable energy usage. NPR's excellent Planet Money, in a bid for our attention, published the story under the headline Economists Have a One-Page Solution to Climate Change. The story is worth listening to, although people highlighted in the comments section that the reporters could have done more to cover what experience countries have had with the carbon tax. 

One country that has tried a carbon tax is Australia, where this tax became a major campaign issue. So what do Australian think tanks say on the carbon tax? 

Australia Carbon Tax.jpg

A quick search returns a good range of results. In one box, Find Policy gives you an analysis on this issue from prominent Australian think tanks, a useful perspective from people familiar with the details of the policy on the ground. 

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