Search of Australian Think Tanks Now Available

Our search page for Australian think tanks now is available. The search focuses on 11 policy research organizations, covering a range of topics from international affairs and foreign policy to the Australian economy and domestic policy. We selected prominent institutions that are reputable, active, and offer a diversity of viewpoints. Here is a search on what Australian think tanks have to say on the integration of the Australian Aid Agency (AusAID) into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)


The results immediately take us to a relevant link, giving a good overview on the issue. The analysis primarily comes from one institution which is focused on development policy.

To test this further, we did another search. 

East Timor.jpg

A good diversity of institutions, sharing their perspective on what goes on in Australia's neighborhood, from a more involved perspective than most think tanks in Europe or North America can bring. 

As the search engine returns good results it's time to make it available. We already received excellent advice from some people familiar with policy research in Australia, but are certainly happy to hear more suggestions. Let us know how it's working. The Australian search page is here