Search for Donors: Who Does What?

Here is another practical use for Find Policy. Imagine you are a donor, and you want to find out how you have been interacting with think tanks in a particular region, or with institutions working on a particular theme. Now some donors have sophisticated internal databases, but not all do. Find Policy offers a quick alternative.  You can, for example, search South Asia to see where you turn up. And you can search where other donors turn up. To become more specific, you could add a particular topic, say maternal health. This should then take you to all relevant results. Conversely, you could take an issue-oriented search, and check those. 

Again, we are not saying the tool is perfect, since we do not cover all institutions, and websites may not record all interactions. Still, Find Policy gives you fast and focused results, and the type of orientation that often is useful to have when you are preparing a meeting, reviewing impact, or considering new initiatives. 

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