Searching Health Policy: Medical Error

We just launched the engine for health policy, specifically focused on the US. It is a policy field that our team here is less familiar with, so we will consider expanding/changing the targeting. Still, we already see fairly good results on policy issues. We searched medical error, which is a major policy issue. On the left, results from the general Google search, on the right from Find Policy. (Click to enlarge.) 

Searched November 7, 2013. Click to enlarge. 

The general Google results are interesting if you are indeed looking for general information, again kicking off with Wikipedia. Find Policy, though, does well if you are looking for policy and research, and the numbers. Even the one line blurbs give you a good introduction to the issue already. There is a good mix of institutions. We cannot promise that all results will be as rewarding, but we do think this case (our first try of the Health engine) shows that Find Policy can give you ideas worth searching.