This is Quality Education

Education is the job of a lifetime, and in good part it is about what you make of yourself, as David Foster Wallace has reminded us. If you have not seen his talk ever, this is a good time. 

And if you are not into the music, read his full talk here. It's even better in prose.

Quality education has little and probably nothing to do with being the best, compared with others. It's about challenging yourself to be better, and think and act in ways that were inconceivable to you before. Rankings, alas, are a terrible distraction from this important truth. We all know they are bad, but like crappy fast food, they stay around. 

Let's put these rankings in place, and here is how. If you see someone posting a ranking, reply with this page (or something like it) and challenge them to watch Wallace, and maybe even donate five dollars to charity so that someone can get a real education. 

By sharing this (or something like it), let's contribute to having a more meaningful understanding and conversation about education. Everyone wins.