This search page focuses 18 prominent think tanks from South East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia). Pages for Bulgaria and Romania to follow soon.

Currently, this engine includes Analitika - Center for Social Research (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP, Belgrade, Serbia), Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM, Skopje, Macedonia), Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation “Studiorum” (CRPRC Studiorum, Skopje, Macedonia), Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED, Montenegro), Center for Economic Analyses - Macedonia (CEA, Skopje, Macedonia), Centre for Security Studies - BiH (CSS-BiH, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Co-PLAN (Tirana, Albania), Democracy for Development (D4D, Pristina, Kosovo), GEA  Center for Research and Studies (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Institut Alternativa (IA, Podgorica, Montenegro), Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM, Tirana, Albania), Institute for Development Research - Riinvest (Pristina, Kosovo), Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS, Pristina, Kosovo), Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED, Pristina, Kosovo), Reactor – Research in Action (Skopje, Macedonia), PALGO Center (Belgrade, Serbia), and Think Tank Populari (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina).      

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