This search page, still experimental, focuses on research organizations that work on Global Health. In addition to institutions focusing on decreasing global inequity in health, this engine also includes institutions with a focus on global health policy issues. US institutions are included to the extent that they do extensive international work. For the US health policy engine, go here. Note that the Lancet Global Health is policy oriented, with fast turn-around for publication. 

Currently, this page focuses on the Center for Global Development (CGD, United States), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR, United States), FUNSALUD Centre for Health Policy (Mexico) Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI, Japan), Phillips Center for Health and Well-Being (Netherlands),

For now, we have also included the World Health Organization on a trial basis since it does serve as the clearing house for much work in the field. If you prefer to exclude add to your search. We have also added UNICEF, since it does much quality research in the field. Lastly, as an organization that is active in research and public health, we have included John Snow International (JSI).

As Global Health brings together a range of research interests, this is under development. Suggestions welcome.