This search focuses on 15 major Australian research organizations, covering a range of issues from domestic to international. 

Currently the search includes the Australia Institute (TAI, Canberra), Australian Institute for International Affairs (AIIA, various locations), Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI, Barton/Canberra), Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE, Melbourne),  Centre for Independent Studies (CIS, St. Leondard's/Sydney), Centre for Policy Development (CPD, Sydney), Climate Institute (Sydney, Melbourne),  Comittee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA, Melbourne et al.), Grattan Institute (Melbourne), HC Coombs Policy Forum/Australian National Institute of Public Policy (ANIPP, at Australian National University, Canberra), Lowy Institute for International Policy (Sydney), Melbourne Institute (Melbourne), Menzies Research Centre (Canberra), and the Strategic and Defense Studies Centre (SDSC, at Australian National University, Canberra), and The Sydney Institute (Sydney). 

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